MiStand+ Aluminium Tablet Stand iPad, Galaxy, Kindle & more!

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MiStand+ Aluminium Tablet Stand iPad, Galaxy, Kindle & more!
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1,025 backers pledged £48,395.00 on Kickstarter

The MiStand has evolved...introducing MiStand+, precision crafted aluminium stand designed and manufactured in Great Britain.

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£48,395.00 / 1,025 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: June 2016
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MiStand+ (Preorder)

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 Hey Kickstarters!

Thanks for supporting our first two Kickstarter projects (MiDock & MiStand), we have had a lot of great feedback and want you guys to be the first to see what we have been working on...

The original MiStand received some great reviews and mentions:


We didn't want to change things just for the sake of it. Every design decision has a functional purpose so that we could make a better product. We read through every comment on Kickstarter and every e-mail we have received since launching the MiStand, and got to work on improving it.

The base of MiStand+ has been carefully tapered to improve ergonomics and to reduce the weight of the new design. A cable slot has been milled in to the back face of MiStand+ to allow any standard USB cable to pass through. This is great for backers who like to place their MiStand+ on a desk or bedside cabinet and charge their tablet.

Compatible with...

and many more!

Stretch Goals!

For those of you who don't know about the MiStand mini please check out our previous Kickstarter campaign. We have made the new MiStand mini compatible with even more phones and cases; we will share further details soon!

MiStand mini Returns! (Stretch Goal #1)

As promised passing 350 backers means the MiStand mini is now available. The MiStand mini is perfect resting spot for your smartphone. It's a simple all aluminium unibody design and we have upgraded it by adding the all new Polyurethane pads found on the MiStand+ it means that MiStand mini now works with any phone with or without a case!

Just add £10 per MiStand mini onto your existing pledge!

MiStand+: Gold Edition! (Stretch Goal #2)

The 24K MiStand+ has a finish unlike any other product we have offered; after being machined from aluminium, it goes through a two stage polishing process to give it a mirror like appearance. The MiStand+ is then passed onto a local company who uses an Electroless Nickel plating technique; this involves literally immersing the MiStand+ in 24K Gold which produces a layer of gold on top of the nickel coating.  

We are happy to offer the 24K MiStand+ to our Kickstarter backers as a reward, at an exclusive price of £99 with a limited quantity available.

See update #6 for more information.
See update #6 for more information.

Goodbye MicroSuction...

MicroSuction is a facinating material. We loved using it during our first two projects, so we know its benefits and limitations. We wanted the original MiStand to be compatible with or without a case so included some sticky pads to increase the effectiveness when using it with tablet cases. They worked, but it was not ideal having separate pads; we wanted the MiStand+ to "just work" so when we started work on MiStand+ we said goodbye MicroSuction and after a lot of testing and tweaking we said...

Hello Polyurethane!

MiStand+ comes with all new polyurethane pads which work whether you use a tablet case or not! The material is non-adhesive yet sticky. It doesn't leave any residue on your fingers or device.

The new pads are nearly 2 times thicker than the old MicroSuction pads making them a lot more durable and easier to maintain...just wipe with warm water and once dry they are fully restored!!

The same polyurethane material is used on the base, so MiStand+ is always stable (even when playing those frustrating games!) and works on most surfaces.

Works Great with cases...

Fluid 3D Rotation...with More Power!

When the original MiStand was launched the magnetic joint was designed to work with the majority of tablets. As time has passed, tablets have increased in size and weight so we needed to improve the magnetic joint. MiStand+ comes with an all new neodymium rare-earth magnet, which is 33% more powerful. This means that even the heaviest tablets work great with MiStand+.

Precision & Quality

We take great pride in the quality of our products and have gone to great lengths to ensure that MiStand+ maintains those high standards. The manufacturing company has recently invested in new machining centre which will allow us to produce MiStand+ to the highest standards. We are proud to design and manufacture our products in Great Britain and are able to oversee production from design to delivery.

Colour Choices

After being machined each MiStand+ is glass-bead blasted, and then anodised, to give us three great colour choices: Silver, Black or Space Grey.

All New Price!!

MiStand+ contains many enhancements but that doesn't mean the price has to increase! Thanks to the new design and changes to the manufacturing process we are so excited to be able to offer MiStand+ exclusivley to our Kickstarter backers at rewards levels from £28 ($43 USD)!!

Free Shipping to European Union, Canada and USA!! (Selected Rewards)

Due to the success of our previous campaigns, we have been able to secure some great rates on shipping to the EU, Canada and the USA please look out for free and reduced shipping information on selected rewards!

Project Plan

No one likes delays, it is really important that our backers get their rewards shipped out on time and as agreed. We have worked with all of the suppliers closely and with your help are confident we can deliver on another successful Kickstarter campaign. 


So back one of the rewards below to be some of the first people to use MiStand+!

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Thank You...

for taking the time to read our story we really appreciate you taking an interest in our product. We really hope you like what you see and would like you to help bring MiStand+ to the market. We are hoping to use Kickstarter to generate demand upfront and pay for the costs of the new extrusion die.

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